Southwest Middle School’s Drone Team Returns from the West Regional Championship in Utah

SOM’s Breaking Bot bring home the Inspire Award, Hoppers Finish Strong

Day 1 of the West Regional Drone Championship in Utah! Southwest Middle is proudly representing the South Bay, with both teams performing well. After a very busy day of 6 qualifying matches, Breaking Bot are in the top half going into day 2.

Day 2- That’s a wrap to our 2023-2024 drone season. I am so incredibly proud of these kiddos and will miss them dearly. The competition was fierce, and they played hard. This morning, watching the 2 teams practicing was absolutely beautiful, the communication, dedication, and collaboration were evident. Congratulations to Breaking Bot for an amazing season and for having been awarded the Inspire Award 👏 Congratulations to the Hoppers for manifesting positive outcomes and finishing strong 💪

Thank you so much to everyone for your donations and Support!

Our teams performed well at the regional competition, competing against kids from 5-12th grade, including former world champion drone teams. While we did not place in the top 8 to go on to the finals in the teams portion, our Breaking Bot team (Angie and Lily) were awarded the Inspire Award at the closing ceremony.  Our boy’s team, the Hoppers, (Luis, Edgar, and Yves) finished strong with their best and highest scoring match being their final match.
We are so incredibly proud of these kiddos and their dedication, communication, growth in skills,  strategy, and collaboration.

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Congratulations Aliyah Esparza for your Recognition with the Alex Morgan Foundation!

SOM’s Soccer MVP, Aliyah Esparza, was recognized today at the Alex Morgan Foundation event highlighting the foundation’s upcoming work on equity for girls in soccer in the SouthBay,  building leadership and confidence in our young ladies.

Aliyah was nominated by Coach David Singh for her display of leadership on and off the field. Congratulations Aliyah, you represent Southwest Middle well each and every day, and truly embody the Buccaneer spirit! We are so very proud of you!


Buccaneers in the News! Congratulations Dania Meling!

8th grader, Dania Meling, with her award for her scientific experiment studying Bernoulli’s Equation Photo-Courtesy Horacio Renteria / El Latino San Diego.

Southwest Middle’s own SUHSD STEM-Research Fair Winner, Dania Meling, was featured in El Latino’s March 17th Article highlighting her winning project and passion for pursuing a future career with NASA. Congratulations Dania, we are all so very proud of you and your achievements! Keep up the amazing work! Read the full article here


Pioneering Educators of the Dual Language Program at Southwest Middle School

Southwest Middle School’s own, Ms. Norma Pérez-Uriarte, is featured in El Latino’s December 22nd article highlighting our award winning Dual Language program. Congratulations to Ms. Pérez-Uriarte and our Dual Immersion team for their incredible efforts, we are so proud of all you do! Read about our amazing program and see the full article here.

Teacher Norma Pérez-Uriarte, Coordinator (and pioneer) of the Dual Immersion Program at Southwest Middle School. Photo: Horacio Renteria / El Latino San Diego.


STEAM Challenge #2 – Engineering a Mars Lander

Congratulations Buccaneers on an Excellent STEAM Challenge #2!

The Results are in! In real life, only 40% of all missions to Mars have been successful, but at Southwest Middle School, our survivability was much higher. Based on 18 advisory classes reporting, the survivability rate for our school was 69.26%, and each group, on average spent $1,676,622.22 of the allotted $2M budget.  Congratulations to Ms. Alcanero, Mrs. Barrón, Mr. Fuentez Jr., Ms. Jaime and Ms. Perez’s Advisory Classes for landing 100% of your rovers safely!

Congratulations Ms. Jaime’s Advisory for having the 2nd lowest average budget, at $1.3M,  with 100% of your rovers making it safely; Ms. Robinson with a budget of $1,282,500 and a 75% survivability rate; and Mrs. Barrón’s Advisory for keeping your average budget at less than $1.5M. Great job Engineers, you should feel proud!

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Sweetwater Union High School Message Regarding Events in Israel and Gaza / Mensaje de la escuela secundaria Sweetwater Union sobre los acontecimientos en Israel y Gaza 

Dear SUHSD Students, Staff, and Families:

Over the past several days, we have witnessed an escalation in tensions and violence in the Middle East, particularly in Israel, and the Gaza Strip. We understand that these events can elicit strong emotions and diverse perspectives within our community.

Sweetwater Union High School District is committed to upholding values of inclusivity, empathy, and respect for all members of our diverse community. It is imperative that we maintain an environment that is safe, welcoming, and supportive for all, regardless of their backgrounds, beliefs, or nationalities. We unequivocally condemn any form of hate, discrimination, or prejudice, including antisemitism, or any other manifestation of discrimination targeted at individuals or groups.

As the violence in the Middle East continues to escalate, we recognize there are growing concerns around safety in our schools and communities. Some media outlets have reported that a former Hamas leader has called for a “Day of Jihad” around the world on Friday, October 13, 2023. There are other reported calls for a day of “general mobilization” and mass demonstrations. Law enforcement is not aware of any calls for action in San Diego County.

The San Diego County Office of Education recently shared and continues to update resources for educators and families to discuss the war in Israel and Gaza with students. These resources are intended to provide access to information, and we encourage you to determine which ones are most appropriate for your student. We will continue to maintain contact with local law enforcement partners, monitor campuses, and share safety updates with you.

Sweetwater Union High School District schools will be open tomorrow, Friday, October 13, 2023, and we are committed to ensuring a safe, secure, and positive learning environment for our students. In these challenging times, we believe it is our duty to uphold our core values and support all members of our community. Together, we can work toward a more peaceful and inclusive world where understanding and empathy prevail over hatred and division.

Thank you for partnering with us to keep our schools and students safe.

Dr. Moisés G. Aguirre

Estimados estudiantes, personal y familias de SUHSD:

En los últimos días hemos sido testigos de una escalada de las tensiones y violencia en el Medio Oriente, particularmente en Israel y la Franja de Gaza. Entendemos que estos eventos pueden provocar emociones fuertes y perspectivas diversas dentro de nuestra comunidad.

El Distrito Escolar Secundario Sweetwater está comprometido a defender los valores de inclusión, empatía y respeto para todos los miembros de nuestra diversa comunidad. Es importante que mantengamos escuelas seguras y de apoyo para todos, independientemente de sus orígenes, creencias o nacionalidades. Condenamos inequívocamente cualquier forma de odio, discriminación o prejuicio, incluyendo el antisemitismo, o cualquier otra manifestación de discriminación dirigida a individuos o grupos.

A medida que la violencia en el Medio Oriente continúa aumentando, reconocemos que existen crecientes preocupaciones en torno a la seguridad en nuestras escuelas y comunidades. Algunos medios de comunicación han informado que un ex-líder de Hamás convocó a un “Día de Jihad” global el viernes 13 de octubre de 2023. Hay otros llamados a un día de “movilización general” y manifestaciones masivas. Las autoridades de seguridad pública no tienen información de ningún llamado a la acción en el condado de San Diego.

La Oficina de Educación del Condado de San Diego recientemente compartió y continúa actualizando recursos para que los educadores y las familias dialoguen sobre la guerra en Israel y Gaza con los estudiantes. Estos recursos están destinados a brindar acceso a la información y los alentamos a determinar cuáles son los más apropiados para sus estudiantes. Continuaremos manteniendo contacto con agencias policiales locales y monitoreando a las escuelas y compartiremos actualizaciones de seguridad con ustedes.

Las escuelas del Distrito Escolar Secundario Sweetwater estarán abiertas mañana, viernes 13 de octubre de 2023, y estamos comprometidos a garantizar un ambiente de aprendizaje seguro y positivo para nuestros estudiantes.

En estos tiempos difíciles, creemos que es nuestro deber defender nuestros valores fundamentales y apoyar a todos los miembros de nuestra comunidad. Juntos podemos trabajar por un mundo más pacífico e inclusivo donde la comprensión y la empatía prevalezcan sobre el odio y la división.

Gracias por ayudarnos a mantener seguras nuestras escuelas y apoyar a nuestros estudiantes.

Dr. Moisés G. Aguirre