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  • Do you know a hack that could make going to school easier? Create a 1 min video and win prizes!
  • Do you like speaking? Give a 3 min speech about an African American person throughout history and win a prize!
  • Buccaneers spent the evening at the San Diego Opera in downtown San Diego!
  • Come learn English for free! Southwest Middle School library is offering free online classes to parents. Click here for more info!
  • Buccaneers spent their day learning from scientists at Takeda during Friday's fieldtrip.
  • Congratulations to our 2016 South Bay Football Champions!
  • Miss the morning announcements? Click here!
  • SOM Showcase video (click image to view video)
  • 7th grade Southwest Middle School Science Students engineering Hot packs to help athletes.
  • Congratulations SOM ! Gold Ribbon Award Winners Southwest Middle School - Inspiring New Traditions
  • Southwest Middle School STEAM Team presents at California League of Schools Technology Conference in Monterrey over Winter Break.

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