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Think about the message that can be learned from this video?  How does it relate to being a student?  What does this video teach us about failure and success?

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Rules for ipad use


Online Text book Resources

Algebra McDougal Littell

Math 7 McDougal

U.S. History 8 Holt, Rinehart, Winston

On-line Dictionary

On-line Encyclopedia


1. AVOID last minute cramming.  Study each day for 10-20 minutes.

2. Concentrate on ONE section at a time.

3. Notice bold, colored, & italics print in the book.  Find those words in your notes & mark with hi-liter.

4. Look for important facts or details. See how these facts fit together; are they part of a group?   If you are using an organizer they should be in the same section.   Shade the section with a meaningful color.

5. Say the material ALOUD.   Have someone else say them aloud. Or say them into a cassette recorder for playback that you can listen to over and over.

6. Make 3 by 5 flash cards.   Write the key word on one side and the details or definition on the back.  Use them to play games like Concentration, Jeopardy, or Quiz Bowl.

7. Use mnemonic aids, little sayings, or a poem to help you remember a concept.  8. Study by reviewing information over time.  20 MINUTES of studying, then a 5 MINUTE BREAK. 9. After each break, cover again the sections you just studied.   If you really know it, add new material. 10. Pretend you are giving the exam; what questions would you ask? Now look up the answers.

11.  Have someone make up a practice test.    Now take a practice test.

12. AFTER you have studied, meet with a STUDY BUDY or GROUP to exchange information.