Takeda Pharmaceuticals Field-trip


We have 40 student spots available. If you would like to be a part of this field trip:

Turn in the attached Permission Slip by January 13 (to Science Teacher, or Mrs. Barrón  room 803 or office 127)

Make sure you have turned in the School photo permission slip

Attend the mandatory meeting during lunch on Wednesday, January 18th in room 802


*If you have any questions, see Mrs. Barrón (room 803 periods 1&2; office 127 periods 3-6)



Enjoy this Monday’s Partial Eclipse Safely!

This Monday, August 21st,  at 10:23AM a max partial Eclipse will occur in San Diego. Use the resources below to learn more about this astronomical event as well as how to view the eclipse safely. At SOM, all 7th grade World Cultures students and 8th grade science students will be creating pinhole projectors to indirectly view the eclipse during the latter part of 5th period, nutrition break and the beginning of 1st period. We will also be live streaming the NASA feed of the total solar eclipse at our stage area.

The District has issued the statement below regarding viewing the eclipse directly using filtered lenses:

Official District Letter to SUHSD Staff

TO: All SUHSD Employees
DATE: August 11, 2017
RE: Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017


A partial eclipse of the sun will be visible from San Diego County on August 21, 2017 (https://www.timeanddate.com/eclipse/in/usa/san-diego) from approximately 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
A total eclipse of the sun will be visible from other parts of the country; which NASA will livestream on its website.
In the strictest sense, the eclipse is not dangerous, but looking at the sun without proper protection is always harmful. The primary safety issue during an eclipse is that curiosity regarding the phenomena makes it more likely people, especially children, will try to glimpse the eclipse without proper eye protection.

The risk is great. People who look at an eclipse without proper protection, even glimpses, are likely to suffer burns which damage the light sensitive cells that give them the ability to see. People with these burns don’t notice an immediate loss of vision. They generally experience a loss of vision the next day, which looks to them like a black hole in the center of their sight. In some cases, people regain some of their vision over a period of several months, but in many cases the loss is permanent.

SUHSD Curriculum & Instruction, Grants & Communications, and Student Support Services departments are strongly encouraging schools, classrooms and individuals to watch the eclipse via NASA’s live stream or it can also be viewed indirectly using pinhole viewers that project the image of the sun on a screen; again this should be done with the individual’s back towards the sun and never looking at the sun through the pinhole. This is to prevent harm to students who surreptitiously view the eclipse without preventative precautions. The District cannot allow any glasses to be donated or non-district glasses be purchased for classrooms because product liability cannot be assured.

Moreover, SUHSD is not supporting the use of manufactured eclipse glasses for our students. Please know that traditional sunglasses will not prevent the type of injury associated with the direct viewing of solar eclipses. Only specially manufactured eclipse glasses will prevent potential harm and there are already reports of counterfeit glasses being sold.
Lastly, Manny Rubio, the Director of Grants and Communications, will send a message/guidance regarding the solar eclipse to all district parents. It is also important for principals and teachers to remind district parents and students of the potential dangers of not adhering to this guidance. Thanks, in advance, for ensuring that students are supervised during district-related eclipse viewing activities in a manner that will prevent injuries.

Click on the images below to learn more about the eclipse and viewing this phenomenon safely:


STEAM in action: “Healthy Me, Healthy We”

“A Healthy Me, A Healthy We”- Math Restaurant Projects in full swing

steamy-in-mathSeventh grade buccaneers are hard at work on their semester expedition focusing on nutrition and fitness as part of a larger central theme, which concentrates on the energy input and output that occurs within our bodies. Science has been focusing on different types of nutrients, how they affect our bodies and provide us with energy, as well as working on solutions  for common public health problems.

P.E. has been working hard on fitness grams and creating personal health plans to make sustainable life changes.

Math students have been creating bakeries that provide customers with nutritional information in order to make informed decisions.

In World Cultures, the focus has been on the diets of the Aztec and Maya and how the diets of ancestral American compared with those of the modern American. Have our diet changes and choices become healthier with technology or less so?

Spanish students were hard at work to engineer stress ball and calculate the cost benefit of their products.

English students have been focused on what type of diet might be best to maintain an active lifestyle.

We are looking forward to showcasing our final projects at an Expo night early next Semester!


STEAM in Action – Humans to colonize Mars and establish a Representative Democracy!

Humans to Colonize Mars and Establish a Representative Democracy


In a 54% vote by the Southwest Middle School 8th grade student body on Tuesday, August 30th, a Representative Democracy won as the preferred form of government for our proposed Martian Colony, receiving just over 60% of the votes. Other possible forms of government included Monarchy, Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Theocracy, and Autocracy.

The 8th graders are involved in a semester long STEAM project, titled “A Birth of a New Nation”, in which students are learning various elements involved in establishing a new colony after Earth has become inhabitable due to global warming. Students were first asked to research and generate proposals for colonies in science class, using their understanding of various scientific principles, including gravity, temperature, sustainability and astronomy;Mars received overwhelming support as a location for our new colony. US History introduced students to various forms of governments and the 8th graders were asked to vote on which  form of government should be established on our new colony. Students will continue to work in Math, English, PE, Computer Science, Spanish, Music and AVID to develop their colony, diet, culture, fitness in low gravity, sustainability and sketch out what a day in the life might look like on Mars.

The culminating project expo will be displayed in two sessions at the beginning of Second semester, TBD. It will be exciting to see what our Martian future holds!


To see more about the Mars Vote, click on the presentation by Mr. Conrad, Mr. Marroquin and Ms. Zaragoza

HISTORY mars govt type election powerpoint ppt