🍦Return your AHIF ASAP to win an Ice Cream Social for your class!🍦


Starting Monday, August 1st, all SOM students will be asked to take the Alternative Household Income Data Form (AHIDF) home and have it completed by parents. The form is brief and asks only 2 questions with a parent signature; the form is printed double-sided in both English and Spanish. To make it easier for both students and parents, I am providing the form pre-filled with each student’s name, ID, birthdate, and grade.

The contest details

  • contest will run from August 1 -31, or until we have the two winning classes
  • The first 7th grade AND 8th grade ADVISORY class to submit ALL their AHIF wins the ice cream social.

All forms will be collected on August 31 with the checked off class roster.


Rapid COVID Testing Available

Return our Kids Back to school Safely

Regular testing helps to find COVID cases early, before the virus is able to spread in our schools and families. The more people who test regularly, the safer we all are. Sweetwater Union High School District (SUHSD) and San Diego State University have partnered on a research study examining how regular at-home testing affects transmission of COVID in schools and households. SUHSD and SDSU were 1 of 16 sites nationwide funded by the National Institutes of Health. Phase 1 studies found that participants were more receptive to at-home testing than school-site testing. SUHSD middle school students can participate in free weekly at-home COVID testing through a research study by SDSU.

SDSU COVID Parent Info



Southwest Middle School is your student’s next best step to a promising future!

“The best middle school experience the South Bay has to offer!”  – Daniella Sophia

Registration is NOW OPEN! Come pick up a registration packet during office hours Monday-Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. or click the link below to get started online!

Call 619-628-4000 (main office) for any questions.

Registration spots are filling up fast, please click below and our Registration Team will get back to you.

Additional documentation 7th grade

Additional Documentation 8th grade


We Are Southwest Middle School. Your Next Best Step!

Southwest Middle School | We Are Southwest Middle School. Your Next Best Step!Click on the image to view a video, showcasing our campus.

Click here to explore and learn why Southwest Middle is your next best step to a promising future

Welcome to Our Award Winning School built on over 90 years of Tradition!Big picture

Southwest Middle School (SOM) is built upon over 90 years of tradition and experience. SOM offers award winning STEAM, Dual Immersion, AVID and Music programs, preparing students for a successful future beyond middle School.

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Buccaneers in the News! Congratulations Dania Meling!

8th grader, Dania Meling, with her award for her scientific experiment studying Bernoulli’s Equation Photo-Courtesy Horacio Renteria / El Latino San Diego.

Southwest Middle’s own SUHSD STEM-Research Fair Winner, Dania Meling, was featured in El Latino’s March 17th Article highlighting her winning project and passion for pursuing a future career with NASA. Congratulations Dania, we are all so very proud of you and your achievements! Keep up the amazing work! Read the full article here


Pioneering Educators of the Dual Language Program at Southwest Middle School

Southwest Middle School’s own, Ms. Norma Pérez-Uriarte, is featured in El Latino’s December 22nd article highlighting our award winning Dual Language program. Congratulations to Ms. Pérez-Uriarte and our Dual Immersion team for their incredible efforts, we are so proud of all you do! Read about our amazing program and see the full article here.

Teacher Norma Pérez-Uriarte, Coordinator (and pioneer) of the Dual Immersion Program at Southwest Middle School. Photo: Horacio Renteria / El Latino San Diego.


STEAM Challenge #2 – Engineering a Mars Lander

Congratulations Buccaneers on an Excellent STEAM Challenge #2!

The Results are in! In real life, only 40% of all missions to Mars have been successful, but at Southwest Middle School, our survivability was much higher. Based on 18 advisory classes reporting, the survivability rate for our school was 69.26%, and each group, on average spent $1,676,622.22 of the allotted $2M budget.  Congratulations to Ms. Alcanero, Mrs. Barrón, Mr. Fuentez Jr., Ms. Jaime and Ms. Perez’s Advisory Classes for landing 100% of your rovers safely!

Congratulations Ms. Jaime’s Advisory for having the 2nd lowest average budget, at $1.3M,  with 100% of your rovers making it safely; Ms. Robinson with a budget of $1,282,500 and a 75% survivability rate; and Mrs. Barrón’s Advisory for keeping your average budget at less than $1.5M. Great job Engineers, you should feel proud!

Past images/videos

Big picture

Big pictureBig picture



2022-2023 Registration page 2

Registration Options

Option 1: You can request an e-mail. This email provides information such as registration fillable documents, informational forms and required documents. -You will need to fill the documents out via PDF, take a photo of the required documents you need to provide and e-mail it to our Registrar at miriam.caro@sweetwaterschools.org

Option 2: Please visit the Southwest Middle School website page som.sweetwaterschools.org and look for the registration tab where all forms and related registration information can be found. – You will need to fill the documents out via PDF, take a photo of the required documents you need to provide and e-mail them to our Registrar miriam.caro@sweetwaterschools.org

. After we received the documents, we will get in contact with you via phone or email within 48 hours.

Option 3: You may come to Southwest Middle School to request a registration packet. Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Call 619-628-4000 (main office) when you arrive to campus.


Registering a returning student to SOM (8th grade) – click here


Registering an incoming student (7th grade) – click here



Registration information


Please fill out this form to request registration information. Once you finish you will be directed to our registration page.