Week 8 September 10th – 14th

September is Kindness Month

September 10th -14th Kindness Week: Do Kind Deeds

About last weekend…

Saturday, SOM participated in the 3rd annual Sweetwater Solar Sprint Competition at

CVM, and took first place for the fastest car amongst all the middle schools!

Great job Solar Sprinters David, John, Alan, Irvin, Saul and Vanessa! Thank you

Ms. Whittaker, Mr. Garnica-Mendoza and Ms. Gracias for cheering our kids on!Big pictureBig pictureBig picture

Week at a Glance – Fall Break in 2 weeks!!


September 10th

  • Periods 5-1-3
  • Dismissal 3PM
  • Principal’s Round Table during lunch
  • Math Cafe @ 12:20- pm

Tutoring: Science @ 3:10 pm (Room 402)

Knowledge Bowl Practice 3-4PM room 803


Big pictureSeptember 11th

  • Patriot Day and National Day of Service and Remembrance
  • Periods 6-2-4
  • Dismissal at 3PM
  • Math Cafe @ 12:20- pm

Tutoring: Math @ 3:10 pm (Room 601)

learn more about the tragic events of September 11, 2001


September 12thSeptember 12th

  • Periods 1-3-5
  • Dismissal at 3PM
  • Math Cafe @ 12:20- pm
  • No video Announcements due to Earthquake/Evacuation Drill


September 13th

  • Periods 2-4-6
  • Dismissal at 3PM
  • Math Cafe @ 12:20- pm

Tutoring: Social Science @ 3:10 pm (Room 505)

SSC Meeting @ 3:10 pm (library)

September 14th

  • Periods 2-3-4-5-6-1 Assembly
  • Dismissal at 1PM
  • Fall Sports Assembly @ 12:00 pm

September 15th

  • Saturday Academies @ 8:00 am
  • MSAL Fall Sports @ Olympian High School (8:00 am – 1:00 pm )


More Snapshots  from last week

Counselors present to 7th grade classes

Big picture

Counselor Rebecca Hernandez presents Compact for Success to Mr. Frank’s 7th grade Science Class.

Dual Language Parent Meeting

Big picture

Big picture

Dual language teachers Mr. Ortiz, Ms. Jaime, Ms. Rivera and Dual language coordinator, Ms. Uriarte-Perez, present to parents the importance of speaking, thinking, reading and celebrating culture in 2 languages. Dual Language Teachers Mr. Medrano, Ms. Rivera, and Dual language Coordinator, Ms. Uriarte-Perez smile for the cameras with students and parents in order to emphasize a biliterate/ bilingual college-going culture.

Progress Report Card Parent Meeting

Big picture

Big picture

Thank you to the more than 225 parents who attended our first parent progress report meeting last Friday! Your participation helps lead to student success!

These students helped our parents log into Jupiter Grades.
Big picture

Great job to our Tech Squad for helping parents log-in and learn more about Jupiter grades at Friday’s meeting.


Students calculate their GPAs and reflect on their first six weeks during HYPE

Big picture