STEAM in Action – Humans to colonize Mars and establish a Representative Democracy!

Humans to Colonize Mars and Establish a Representative Democracy


In a 54% vote by the Southwest Middle School 8th grade student body on Tuesday, August 30th, a Representative Democracy won as the preferred form of government for our proposed Martian Colony, receiving just over 60% of the votes. Other possible forms of government included Monarchy, Dictatorship, Oligarchy, Theocracy, and Autocracy.

The 8th graders are involved in a semester long STEAM project, titled “A Birth of a New Nation”, in which students are learning various elements involved in establishing a new colony after Earth has become inhabitable due to global warming. Students were first asked to research and generate proposals for colonies in science class, using their understanding of various scientific principles, including gravity, temperature, sustainability and astronomy;Mars received overwhelming support as a location for our new colony. US History introduced students to various forms of governments and the 8th graders were asked to vote on which  form of government should be established on our new colony. Students will continue to work in Math, English, PE, Computer Science, Spanish, Music and AVID to develop their colony, diet, culture, fitness in low gravity, sustainability and sketch out what a day in the life might look like on Mars.

The culminating project expo will be displayed in two sessions at the beginning of Second semester, TBD. It will be exciting to see what our Martian future holds!


To see more about the Mars Vote, click on the presentation by Mr. Conrad, Mr. Marroquin and Ms. Zaragoza

HISTORY mars govt type election powerpoint ppt