STEAM in action: “Healthy Me, Healthy We”

“A Healthy Me, A Healthy We”- Math Restaurant Projects in full swing

steamy-in-mathSeventh grade buccaneers are hard at work on their semester expedition focusing on nutrition and fitness as part of a larger central theme, which concentrates on the energy input and output that occurs within our bodies. Science has been focusing on different types of nutrients, how they affect our bodies and provide us with energy, as well as working on solutions  for common public health problems.

P.E. has been working hard on fitness grams and creating personal health plans to make sustainable life changes.

Math students have been creating bakeries that provide customers with nutritional information in order to make informed decisions.

In World Cultures, the focus has been on the diets of the Aztec and Maya and how the diets of ancestral American compared with those of the modern American. Have our diet changes and choices become healthier with technology or less so?

Spanish students were hard at work to engineer stress ball and calculate the cost benefit of their products.

English students have been focused on what type of diet might be best to maintain an active lifestyle.

We are looking forward to showcasing our final projects at an Expo night early next Semester!