7th Grade Science

Middle school science provides an introduction to the three main branches of science: biology, chemistry and physics.  The purpose of science in the 7th grade is to give students the skills needed to understand basic science and Health concepts. Our hope is that through learning and exploring various topics this year, students will learn to think critically and see science as a tool we can use to help explain what we see in nature.Topics include:

  • observation and the nature of science
  • Health and Nutrition
  • Properties of Matter
  • Energy Flow
  • Ecology
  • Natural Resources
  • Geology (Rock Cycle)

Throughout the year students will carry out laboratory and field experiments and will work on projects and creative activities.  This course is also designed to give students experience working with lab equipment and to work collaboratively to solve problems like everyday scientists.

Notable Projects:

  • STEM Research Fair Projects
  • Healthy Meal competition
  • Atom Model
  • Building a Wind Turbine
  • Eco-columns


Meet your Teachers

Mrs. Barron (Science Curriculum Specialist/ STEAM Coordinator /Exploring Computer Science)

Mr.Dan Frank(7th grade Science)

Ms. Dania Rivera (7th grade STEAM Dual Language, Bilingual Science)

Ms. Samihah Perry (7th Science)




8th grade Science

In eighth grade, students start the year off learning about physics, looking at the solar system, gravity, Newton’s 3rd law, magnetism and electricity.  They build on what they learned in seventh grade and look at things according to various scales (geologic, atomic, and the large scale of the Universe).   They finish the year learning about waves, the age and evolution of the Earth and its organisms, and genetics.

Notable Projects:

  • STEM Research Fair Projects
  • Roller Coaster Marble Lab
  • Building a board game (using 3D printer to create game pieces)
  • Earthquake bridge Building
  • Museum curator project and exposition

Meet your Teacher

Mr. Randall Conrad (8th grade Science)

Mr. Alvaro Medrano (8th grade Dual Language, Bilingual Science)

Ms. Samihah Perry (8th grade Science)