Registration and Attendance


Miriam Caro
Registrar (Secretaria de Inscripciones)
Phone: (619) 628-4017


Daily attendance is required of all students to ensure academic success. Students with chronic attendance problems are less likely to be successful in school. It is against state education code to keep students out of school when they are not ill. In order to clear an absence, students must have a written note from a parent when the student returns to school.

Students with chronic excused/unexcused absences are subject to being placed on an attendance contract. Other resources include referral to SARB (Student Attendance Review Board) and/or Juvenile Court. Students must attend Saturday School to clear absences from their record or receive disciplinary consequences.

NOTE: If you need to pick up your child at any time before the school day is over, please make sure you bring your driver’s license or another picture ID so we can verify you are the parent or caregiver.

We cannot release the student if you don’t provide identification. If you need your child released 15 min. prior to the end of the school day, please send a note with your child in the morning. We will NOT be able to release your child at that time without a note.