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Student Hoax Projects

Hoax: An act that is meant to trick or deceive

Rumor: Information or a story that is passed from person to person but has not been proven to be true

Prank: A trick, usually done as a joke

Media literacy: The ability to analyze, evaluate, create, and participate with messages in a variety of formats, from print and video to the Internet

Skepticism: An attitude of doubting the truth of something (such as a claim or statement)

-Common Sense Media

Project prompt:

Common Sense Media presented  an “endangered species” webpage and asked students to think critically about the types of information found on the internet. Would you be able to identify a hoax when it presented itself?

Internet hoaxes

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Dinosaur Park

Dinosaur Park

Student Scratch Projects

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Sharbeartupus Game

Sharbeartupus Game