English Language Arts

nystce-english-language-arts-practice-and-study-guide_118438_largeThe courses offered by the English department are designed to prepare our students to become successful, literate citizens in a global society.  Students will develop their skills in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English.  The expectations for students in this course include the following:
Students will…
·         advance toward mastery of the Common Core State Standards for their grade level.
·         prepare for their target of scoring proficient or higher on the Quarterly and End of Course Exam Benchmark Assessments and on the California Standards Test.
·         develop SUHSD’s six skills in the rhetorical approach to reading and writing
·         read and annotate for a variety of purposes.
·         create a variety of summaries.
·         create and analyze arguments.
·         use and reference the words of others.
·         create and use workplace documents.
·         use academic language effectively.
·         use state adopted curriculum materials as well as supplemental materials.
·         read Accelerated Reader books and take computer tests on those books.
·         organize and maintain their coursework in their Interactive Notebooks throughout the school year.
·         present their Interactive Notebooks to their parents/guardians in the fall and spring during two after-school events