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Welcome to Our Award Winning School built on over 90 years of Tradition!

Southwest Middle School (SOM) is built upon over 90 years of tradition and experience. SOM offers award winning STEAM, Dual Immersion, AVID and Music programs, preparing students for a successful future beyond middle School.

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First Day of School

Here are some very important reminders to ensure a smooth First Day of school.

  1. Make sure your registration is complete.
  2. Submit completed immunization records for each child. This is state law. Unless the district is granted an extension, students with incomplete records cannot enter a public classroom.
  3. Students must wear masks indoors at all times.
  4. Students should bring refillable water bottles. Cafeteria will be giving water during the meals. SOM has a refilling water station in the 400 building. We are working on getting another one.
  5. Arrive early to have time to see the lists that will let you know where to go for Advisory period. The first bell rings at 7:55 am.
  6. Please have students check Campus Portal for their schedules. Students have to report to Advisory.

July 23, 2021 SCHEDULE

Periods Begin End
Period 1 8:00 8:33
Period 2 8:38 9:11
Period 3 9:16 9:49
Lunch 9:54 10:24
Period 4 10:29 11:02
Period 5 11:07 11:40
Period 6 11:45 12:18
Assembly 12:18 1:00