A National Demonstration School
AVID Coordinator: Sarah Sanchez
email: sarah.sanchez@sweetwaterschools.org


Southwest Middle Receives National Honor
School Named as National AVID Demonstration Site


SOM is the only middle school in the district who has received this recognition.

SOM is only 1 of 8 total schools in all of San Diego County (this includes both MS and HS)  that is accredited as a National AVID Demonstration School.

SOM has received the full 3-year accredidation, mainly due to the below commendations:

1. Our SOM administration and staff focuses on and implements specifically selected school-wide AVID strategies and scaffolds them into daily lessons, as well as including these strategies as part of the Classroom  Observation Sheets used by administrators.

2.Content area classes, as well as AVID Teachers’  use of the following specific school-wide use of AVID strategies:

          Utilized School-wide Strategies:

            Cornell Notes, Written and Oral Academic Summarizing,Interactive Notebooks, Application of

             higher level questioning skills,  word walls, Annotating and Critical Reading.

School-wide College Culture:

          College Night, College Fairs (coordinated by the AVID students), Parent Nights

3.  Our SOM AVID Tutorials focus in-depth on math and Algebra I, using a systematic structure that allows for socratic dialogue and students to both orally and in writing,  explain step-by-step the process needed to solve equations, using the math concepts in the academic langauge & voice.

4. Our SOM AVID Dual Immersion Program provides a 0 period AVID Dual Immersion class to meet the needs of our DI students.


AVID Accredidation

Staff Writer


Did you know that Southwest Middle School is the only middle school that received AVID Accredidation? What does this mean? Well, AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination. AVID is an academic, regularly scheduled elective class based on writing as a tool of learning, inquiry method, and collaborative grouping. AVID is also a tutorial support, with academic instruction, and motivational activities. AVID is important because it will prepare you for college, and to graduate from a four year university. AVID students are more likely to take Advance Placement (AP) classes in high school, and complete their college eligibility A-G requirements.

The A-G requirements are:

A. 4 yrs. of English

B. 3 yrs. of~math (starting with algebra)

C. 2 yrs. of U.S. history

D. I year of laboratory science biology, chemistry, physics)

E. 2 yrs. of foreign language

F. 1 yr. of visual or performing arts

G. 1 yr. of college preparatory elective.

You may not have noticed, but we do a little bit of AVID in all of our classes! Cornell notes and summary writing are just some of the strategies that AVID does in their classes. Because everyone does this in all of their classes, and because the AVID team and teachers work so hard to make sure it all works well together, our school earned this prestigious award. Congratulations to all the us, but especially Mrs. Shaw and her team for helping us earn this!