April is National Autism Awareness Month!

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From the SHUSD “SPecial Edition”:

We encourage you as individuals, classes, and schools to participate in Autism Awareness Month. Here is a list of activities you can do to raise awareness and acceptance of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders:

1. Watch a video to educate yourself on Autism such as:


2. Post facts about autism on large puzzle pieces around the school or talk about them in the morning announcements:


· 1 in 68 kids have autism

More boys than girls are born with autism

· Autism is a disability that makes it hard to talk to other kids

· Having autism makes it hard to know how to socialize with other kids

Something like lights and noises bother some kids with autism more than they might bother you

· Everyone is different, being different is not a bad thing, we are all different

· Kids with autism look just like you and I do

· Kids with autism like to have friends they just don’t know how to make them

· Kids with autism have feelings just like you and I do

3. Read a book about autism:

· Of Mice an d Aliens by Kathy Hoopman

· Buster and the Amazing Daisy by Nancy Ogaz

· Lisa and the Lace Maker by Kathy Hoopman

· Wishing on the Midnight Star by Nancy Ogaz

· Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night by Mark Haddon

· A Spot of Bother by Mark Haddon Clay by Colby Rodowsky

· Haze by Kathy Hoopman To OZ and Back: A Bones and Duchess Mystery by Alexandra Eden

· A Wizard Alone: The Sixth Book in the Young Wizards Series by Diane Duane

. Marcelo in the Real World by Francisco Stork

. Rules by Cynthia Lord

4. Join a Sweetwater team for the NFAR Race For Autism http://raceforautism.org

This is a fundraiser walk/run on March 24th. The funds support grants for educators to support students with autism. Currently Dave Kerr and Daniel Smirniotis are having a competition to see who can raise the most money.

5. Hold a poster or door decorating completion to increase awareness about autism.

6. Research about famous people with autism.

7. Have a sensory sensitive day at school with no bells or florescent lights

8. Join Sweetwater Autism Team At BJ’s on April 10th for a fundraiser to Support students with autism in SUHSD


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Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA)

Mod-Severe Program


How to log-in to iBoss from home!

In order to use your iPad or laptop at home, you must do the following:


  1. Log-in successfully to your home wireless network.
  2. Log into iBoss by launching the SUHSD Login App.
  3. Use your student login credentials or iboss1/suhsd1.


Please see the attached instructions.  These instructions are also on the Technology Portal, in the Classroom Technology portal view.

How to Login to iBoss

Iboss Login Instructions-Spanish


Did you like our Hour of Code Event? Check out the resources to extend beyond that day!

Southwest Middle School will be hosting a school-wide Hour of Code event next Thursday, December 14th in honor of International Computer Science Week and Admiral Grace Hopper’s birthday (December 9th).

Join the Hour of Code!

Learn more about our District’s Participation:

Our district’s Computer Science teachers community and I would like to invite you and our students to participate in this year’s Hour of Code Event during Computer Science Education week, December 4 – 9! Many schools in our district will be conducting individual classes to school-wide activities for the Hour of Code next week. Last year, we had several hundred students participate across the district, and we hope to increase those numbers this year!


I am hoping that you will support our district’s Computer Science program by helping us share out the Hour of Code information by placing information on our district and individual school Web sites about the Hour of Code and Computer Science Education week.


Every year we have done this, both students and staff have responded that they really enjoyed the experience! We hope that you will be willing to allow our students to participate in this year’s Hour of Code Event!


If you have any questions, please contact me. For more information about the Hour of Code, please check out the following!




Changes to District Filter and mobile log-in from home!

We will be updating our filtering systems this week(8/13- 8/16).  These systems protect all devices utilized by students, teachers, and staff when using the internet.  In addition, our web filtering systems are used to block inappropriate materials and sites.  As part of this transition, the iPads will be impacted. Since our current contract expires on August 16, we will need to push out, to all iPad devices, the necessary changes (e.g. certificates and agents) that will allow these devices to work with our new filtering system “from home”.  In order for iPads to be used at home, students will need to login through the new application.  This application, SUHSD Login, will automatically be loaded on all student iPad devices.   (Teacher iPads are “not” affected.)  When they click on this app, the following login screen will appear:

The login information will be –
Username:  iboss 
Password:  suhsd1  

(This generic password will be used temporarily, until we can acclimate the students to use their student id/birthdate/password login information.)

If you do not see an iBoss App icon appear on your home screen,  click on an app named “ LANrev Apps” (picture to the right) and accept all pop ups that might show up.

If  you don’t get the iboss app students will not be able to access internet at home!

click to log-in to mobile app from home!